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Please read the following declarations carefully before signing and submitting this form.
I agree that I will follow the RYA Racing Charter. *
I will always behave in accordance with accepted standards of sailboat racing and the recognised principles of sportsmanship and fair play. *
Member's Signature*
The sailor should type his/her name here to indicate agreement to this declaration

Under 18 Medical Information and Consent

I agree that during any racing or training the boat I supply for my dependant will have valid third party insurance of at least GBP2m or equivalent in another currency. *
I agree that I will be responsible for my dependant at all times and available at the event venue including during the time my dependant is afloat, or I will provide the event organisers with the name and details of the person at the event venue who has agreed to be responsible for my dependant. *
This section should be completed by the parent or guardian of the child member.

It is your responsibility to make known any potential medical conditions that may affect your child during the activities associated with the training programme or event he/she may taking part in.

Please therefore provide as many details as possible. This confidential information will only be shared with organisers and coaches at events organised by the UK RS Tera association for the purpose of medical or other emergency.

If your child/ward does not suffer from a medical condition or there is no further information, then select or type "None".

Parental contact*
Emergency Contact Number*
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Has your child ever suffered from any of these conditions?*
Asthma / Bronchitis
Fits, fainting or blackouts
Allergies to medication
Heart Conditions
Severe Headaches
Travel Sickness
Any other allergies
Other Illnesses or disabilities

If you have answered yes to any of the above, please provide details here: *

Is your child currently taking any medication? If so please specify: *

Does your child have any food allergies? If so please specify: *

Please specify any other information you think may be important for any medical emergency concerning your child: *

Medical Consent

As the parent/ guardian, I give permission to the organisers of activities during the membership period to administer any relevant treatment or medication to the above named participant when and if necessary.*

In an emergency situation I authorise the organisers to take my child/ward to hospital and give my full permission for any treatment required to be carried out in accordance with the hospital diagnosis. I understand that I shall be notified, as soon as possible, of the hospital visit and any treatment given by the hospital.*

Consent for the use of photography or video

The UK RS Tera Class Association recognises the need to ensure the safety and welfare of children and young people taking part in boating.

In accordance with our child protection policy we will not arrange for photographs, video or other images or young people to be taken without the consent of the parents/carers and children.

The UK RS Tera Association will take all steps to ensure that images are used solely for the purposes for which they are intended. If you become aware that images are being used inappropriately you should inform the RS Tera Class Secretary or a member of the RS Tera Committee immediately.

I agree that the UK RS Tera Class Association, in accordance with its child protection policy, may use photographs, videos, images of the above named member to be used for marketing and publicity activities that the class association deems appropriate*

Signature of Parent/Guardian*
The Parent/Guardian should type his/her name here to indicate agreement to this declaration

Please submit your details into the membership database by clicking the "Submit Details >>" button below.

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Eligibility: To qualify for Worlds/Europeans/Eurocup/Nationals/Inlands/Racing Circuit events and for coaching events the helm sailing in that event MUST be a full member of the Association.

The information relating to RS Tera Class Association members held on the RS Tera Class Association membership database will only be used for the benefit of the membership.
If you do not wish details to be issued on your behalf, please contact the Membership Secretary, in writing.

** When paying online via PayPal we have to pass on the 3.5% fee charged to us for this method.